John Scofield, Dave Matthews, Freddie King, Pat Metheny, Dwayne Allman, Derek Trucks, Eric Krasno, Trey Anastasio, Richie Havens,...

I have studied and played music for most of my life. Over the past eight years I have had the pleasure of sharing that knowledge with aspiring musicians of all ages through private guitar and piano lessons along with ensemble programs and music camps. I believe in a method of teaching that makes music fun and inspirational while at the same time emphasizing practice and hard work. I believe that learning to play an instrument teaches discipline, patience, the ability to multitask, along with a myriad of other skills. All of these can be transferred to so many other aspects of everyday life.

I do not believe in a one size fits all teaching path. Each and every student brings with them different goals, skill sets, and abilities. I try to tailor each lesson around the individual student. As a teacher I believe in the importance of always keeping the student inspired and wanting to practice and improve. Some students want to learn to read music, some strive to study theory, others want to learn how to play their favorite songs. I try to incorporate all of these and more into the lessons. Here are some things you can study:
-Reading- The ability to read notes and apply them on the instrument
-Songs -Whether you’re into AC/DC, Taylor Swift, Dave Matthews, The Beatles, Wes Montgomery, whatever it is we can learn it.
-Songwriting – As a songwriter who has written over 100 songs and recorded five full length albums I am always inspired by students who wish to create their own songs. We have the ability to write, record, and get the song online in the lesson.

Music has always been a passion in my life and I try to share that by bringing enthusiasm and energy to each and every lesson. Can I promise to turn every student into the next Eric Clapton or Joe Satriani? Probably not. But what I can promise is to help build on each students own love of music and desire to play that music which inspires them.

“Matt makes playing and learning the guitar a very great, fun experience. My daughter loves going to classes with him and always comes out with some new exciting music to share. He encourages creativity and is flexible to match his student's interests. My daughter was even able (with his help) to write, play, and record her own song within her first year of working with Matt. He is a great and talented teacher and performer."
Lynn from Easton, MA

"Matt takes my musical interests into consideration and is patient so my
lessons are always comfortable and fun. I've learned a lot."
Adam Camilli (student Sharon, MA)

Along with guitar I also teach piano lessons.

$40 - per 30 minute lesson (multiple students same home $30 per 30 minute lesson)
$45 - per 45 minute lesson
$60 - per 60 minute lesson

To schedule a consultation or to sign up for lessons you can get me directly at:
Phone: 617.610.2461