Never The Same

Never The Same (2009)
Matt is extremely excited to announce the release of his new album Never The Same. It is a collection of 10 new songs bringing the music into the country/southern rock direction but sprinkled with a touch of Matt's signature fusion sound. "It's been almost 10 years between writing tunes for my first album and this new one. Over that time I feel I've matured as a writer and a musician although my wife may argue the whole mature thing. I've gotten a lot more personal with the writing of this album and I hope that the listener feels that. We recorded the tunes in only a few sessions and some of them I played for the band just before we hit the record button. I am so proud of this album and the title really describes how I feel as an artist, you just keep plugging along and doing what it is that we do, feel and create. Enjoy!"
Featured on the album is Sam Chase on drums, Tim Paul Weiner on bass, and Tim Butterworth on piano. The album was recorded at Emerson College studios by Rob Kissner and Mike Harris and mixed and mastered by Conrad Osipowicz.

A Better Place

A Better Place (2006)
In 2006 Matt released his third album A Better Place. "I had been playing a lot of acoustic guitar and doing solo gigs and needed to write material that could work both with a band and by myself. I wanted to make a fun, energetic album but keep the decibel level down so I decided to work with all acoustic guitars. I had the great pleasure of featuring my uncle Paul Good on lead guitar, my brother Sam Chase on drums, and Tim Paul Weiner on bass."
A Better Place is certainly a move towards the mainstream but it still has Matt's truly original mix of sounds. The album was mixed and mastered by Joe Clapp at Solstice Studios.

Piece of Myself

Piece of Myself (2004)
In 2004 Matt released his sophomore album Piece of Myself. The album reflects the myriad of musical influences that have touched his writing. "I was listening to a lot of Sting, Pat Metheny, and Steely Dan. All artists that aren't afraid to mix genres and not be pushed into a corner creatively. I was playing with such an amazingly talented group of musicians and I wanted to write tunes that showed those skills. That album took a lot of work, over two years, and I am very proud of how it came out. The title was exactly how I've always felt as an artist, here's a piece of myself, do with it what you want."
The album features Ryan Ackerman on guitar, Mauricio Zottarelli on drums, Pancho Burgos and Tim Buttworth on keys, Alfredo Grado and Dave Pinto on bass, Tim Butterworth again on trumpet and Tim McCulley on Sax. Recorded and mixed by Joe Clapp at Solstice Studios. Mastered at MWorks studios.

Middle of a Mystery

Middle of a Mystery

Middle of a Mystery (2002)
In 2002 Matt released his debut album Middle of a Mystery. "This album will always have a special place in my heart being the first. I wrote these songs both while I was attending Berklee College of Music and just after I had graduated. In fact the first track "Don't Turn Around" was the first song that the group played in rehearsal. I was listening to so many different styles of music and artists at the time, John Scofield, Sting, Miles Davis, Gypsy Kings, the list goes on. I think you can hear so many of those influences in the music. This was definitely a progressive rock album and one that I didn't concern myself to much with length of song. I was so lucky to meet the guys who made up the original group, drummer Mauricio Zottarelli from Brazil, bassist Fernando Mainer from Spain, on piano Pancho Burgos from Spain, and my close friend Ryan Ackerman from the great city of Quincy, MA. Each player brought their own influences and sounds to the tunes and made huge contributions to the final product."
The entire album was recorded in Matt's living room by Mark O'Brien. Along with with regular cast there were appearances by Stephanie Chase on background vocals, Lance Van Lenten on Sax, and Dave Gomberg on fiddle.