One Last Try

One Last Try

Matt is very excited to announce the January 2018 release of his new album "One Last Try". The album consists of 15 new original tracks featuring Matt on guitar/vocals, Tim Paul Weiner on bass, Mauricio Zottarelli on drums, with guest appearances by Fernando Mainer on bass, and Annabel Lee on vocals.

"This album was a long time in the works, about four years. It happens when you have a family and are constantly gigging but we got it done and I'm extremely excited about it. I was able to have my longtime friends Tim Paul Weiner on bass and Mauricio Zottarelli on drums. Both are just so talented and know my music and style so well that we were able to record the rhythm tracks in just two days with many being first or second takes. We rehearsed a couple of times then just hit the record button. I was also able to have old friend and amazing bass player Fernando Mainer (original MCG member) play on a track (Gotta Have It All) which he recorded at home in Spain. One of these days we'll get to play it live together. I also had the pleasure of bringing in Annabel Lee who is an immensely talented singer and she really nailed the vibe I was looking for on the track "Good Things Will Be Coming". It was the first duet I've written and played and I am very lucky to have had her on it.
"The man behind the curtain on this project was engineer/producer Jeff Briggette. The album was recorded in his studio (Sonic Disorder Studio) and after the initial rhythm section session we spent many many hours layering guitar parts and finding cool guitar sounds. In the past I've had a piano player but for this project we used guitar in place of sythn or organ. Jeff was the one who came up with a lot of the electric guitar sounds you hear on the album. A lot of vintage amp sounds and other effects that I frankly would not of thought of myself. On top of the excellent engineering his mixing is just phenomonal. All the parts can be heard yet they all work cohesively."

"I know fifteen tracks on an album is aggressive these days but I hope that people can take the time to listen to them at some point and hopefully enjoy them."

Cover picture taken by Lisa Gilbert Photography.

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